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Newsletter week of September 19 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:


-The Lebanese Society of Dermatology Annual Meetingis currently taking place from tomorrow until Saturday finishing with a CPC (22hours CME). Registration is free:

Lebanese Dermatology Annual Meeting Prog
Download • 897KB

-Discussion with I-DAIR about the PASSION “reloaded” project. It will be a research project with a potential clinical impact. The data will be targeted to phototypes 3 to 6, with a widening of targeted age groups. Disease scope will be widened and include Skin Cancer (Melanoma, SCC, BCC), NTDs, Psoriasis, Viral Warts, Noma, Molluscum Contagiosum and Bacterial Infections (erysipela, abscess, folliculitis, cellulitis, carbuncle, echtyma). Practical aspects of the project and potential inclusion in I-DAIR is scheduled at the end of the month.


-data collection ongoing.

-discussion of telemedicine in dermatology aspect of the project. From January 1st teledermatology platform needs to be operational. Of the 10000 cases collected in year 2, diagnosis will be compared by machine versus dermatologist. For the 3rd opinion (quality control), there will need anonymisation of the images before being sent to dermatologists specialized in pigmented skin. Until then the idea is to test existing solutions willing to contribute, without modifying them.

Tanzania (Zanzibar):

-data collection ongoing Join us on our Instagram page

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