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Newsletter second quarter 2021

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:


-Project presentations:

-American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC)(oral, virtual) conference in June (oral, virtual)

-American Academy of Dermatology meeting (poster) and AAD AI Taskforce

-Presentation at Dubai Derma in July (oral, in-person)

-Latticeflow: Petar Tsankov Fine tuning of models for error finding in the dataset.

-Brighton and Sussex Medical School AI Medical Student Group (virtual)

Publications on the project

-World Congress of Dermatology 2023 (Singapore): link here:

-presentation of the Project as a poster:

-Poster abstracts (status): EADV (submitted), SSDV (poster uploaded), JSID (submitted)

Collaboration exploration

-Dr Wingston Ng'gamba and Dr Faith Dingase: Ethical Protocoles submitted

-Discussion Artur Mulowa and Dr Banquimane from Mozambique

-Discussion with Leckson Mukavhi and Brighton Kokera from Zimbabwe

Updates from Data collection Centres and Technical Team (Data collection points in Guinea and Madagascar as well as our AI team in India are struggling with waves of Covid-19)

I. Guinea

-World Skin Health Day - Presentation of the PASSION project 27-29 May. Mention in the International Society of Dermatology Newsletter:

-Update on Case collection (128 cases): Insect bites 23, Pityriasis versicolor 2, Tinea Capitis 11, Scabies 28, Tinea corporis 30, Shingles 6, Intertrigo 12, Tinea pedis 7, Atopic Dermatitis 2, Nail fungal infections 7

II. Madagascar

-Update on case collection: Total number of cases: 112: Impetigo : 6, Fungal : 27, Scabies : 39, Insect bites: 3 , Atopic Dermatitis: 34, Pityriasis Versicolor: 3

Updates from Technical Teams

Training of models ongoing. Awaiting federated learning collaboration with NVIDIA

Business Plan Elaboration for Sustainability

We still need to work on the final business plan. Sharad is preparing the Lean Canvas: the

All teams are welcome to share their ideas. Here below is a brainstorm:

-Business model B to C?

Guinea: the patient makes a deposit on orange currency then sends a message when he has made the deposit. For now 100% goes to the dermatologist. Amount for maintenance?

Madagascar (hypothesis): the patient will make a deposit on mobile money then contact when he makes a deposit. The idea would be to do it via the app (the institution would distribute maintenance and dermatologist: this would increase costs + commission and maintenance. Proposal to install the app, do as in Guinea then reassess the needs?

-Sharad: B to C and B to B? or B to B to C? Challenges: Guinea: exchange of cases (for education) between doctors of the platform and logistics (depending on the evolution of development)

-Philippe: Maintenance: the most economical would be to pool (AI in India and security in Mada?) Madagascar: traceability-security and integration

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