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Newsletter 3rd quarter 2021

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:


-Project presentations:

-PASSION symposium preparation at the International Society of Teledermatology conference. Programme will be as follows: Presentation of the PASSION project: invited one potential speaker (myself !) AI in dermatology: Somesh Gupta Federated Learning: Sharad Kumar Data collection in Madagascar/Guinea : Dr Ibrahima accepted. Professor Rapelanoro Presentations -Annual Academy of Medicine in Antananarivo August 10 -SSDV annual meeting on August 25-27 (poster, virtual): -EADV annual meeting in September (poster, virtual) Future presentations -International Congress of Dermatology November 12 by Ibrahima Traoré MD:

Updates from Data collection Centres and Technical Team -SSDV annual meeting on August 25-27 (poster, virtual): -EADV annual meeting in September (poster, virtual)

I. Guinea

-Update on Case collection {(July-August-September: 32 cases (total: 160 cases)}: Impetigo: 2, Tinea Capitis 8, Scabies 9, Tinea corporis 1, Intertrigo (finger) 1, Tinea pedis 1, Onychomycosis: 2, Atopic Dermatitis 4, Eczema: 1, Furuncle: 1 [Chicken Pox: 1, pitted keratolysis: 1]

III. Tanzania

-Update on case collection: Total number of cases 25: Impetigo: 3, Tinea: 6, Scabies: 4, Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema: 12 III. Malawi -Ethical protocole submitted Mid-August and approved

IV. Madagascar

-Update on case collection:

--total number of cases over the period: 158: Atopic Dermatitis: 32, Eczema: 28, Scabies:34, Fungal: 22, Intertrigo 2, Seborrheic Dermatitis 5, Nail fungal: 6, Tinea Capitis 3, Pityriasis versicolor: 7, Pityriasis Alba 1, Impetigo.: 2, Impetiginization: 12, Insect bites 2. [251 is the current total of cases in]

V. Updates from Technical Team

1. Released an app for the PASSION project for Android. The underlying model is still using some of the work we have done by Indian Team as the model for PASSION specific diseases requires more data. Discussion ongoing on information on what is needed for hosting the Passion app so that he can inquire whether this will be hosted by the department in Basel or a separate AWS like cloud server.

2. Preliminary work for a questionnaire to supplement the image model. Ideally, the image recognition model to higher accuracy should be sought and then use the questionnaire to bring in further improvements. For this, more data is needed.

3. Experimenting started with Federated Learning model code from NVIDIA and Google TensorFlow. This significant amount of work would have to continue for next 6-9 months as the integration into the NVIDIA infrastructure is a fair amount of work. Planning to get some preliminary test results for a canned version of federated learning on TensorFlow by the end of the year.

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