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Newsletter week of September 12 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:


-Discussion with Somesh Gupta. Discussed points will be included in the whiteboarding coming session with I-DAIR (PASSION reloaded)

-Update with Dr Sulistyaningrum about the data collection in Indonesia. Phototypes (Fitzpatrick) in Indonesia range from III to VI. (Papua (East area) IV to VI, Jakarta-Java (West area) III to V). Madagascar: -Presentation of the APP by Vahid and Anna. Comments by Benja on hair nails and soles to include in the diagram. The APP development continues and in the meantime questions are still logged manually. Projected APP development timeline ranges from 5 to 7 weeks.

-Phototypes (Fitzpatrick) range from III to VI.

-Server received.

AI labs (Basel and Changsha)

-Update by Philippe: training has begun on datasets in Basel: start training Caucasian skin as well as data of darker skin (4,5,6 of Fitzpatrick) -Update by Shuang and XiaoYu: currently cleaning and labelling of data for pretraining (labelling is indeed still required for darker skin; public datasets will be combined with collected datasets in Xiangya / Hunan Children’s Hospital -Preliminary Results: end of the month.

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