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Newsletter week of October 10 and 17 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:


-Discussion with Yannick Klopfenstein: Data scientist in Digital Health at IBM. Presentation of the PASSION project and opportunities for collaboration. I plan go go to Basel next month on Friday 20th (will confirm the date next week @Ludovic)

-If you could join we’d love to introduce you.

-We can discuss then your collaboration taking into account your full-time commitment as a data consultant or potential deliverables).

Alternatively, it can also be via videoconferencing

-8th World Congress of Teledermatology, Imaging and AI for Skin Diseases, Poster presentation accepted. link:

Tanzania (Zanzibar and Tanzanian Association of Dermatology; TASOD)

-Hafidh will be preparing the educational materials for the Tanzanian patient.

Switzerland -the first round of training has been performed. The trained model is quite accurate for the eczema spectrum of the disease but more data gathering on Caucasian skin will be done for the second round of training end of November. There is still for example a high level of confusion between insect bites and scabies for example. This will be corrected we hope by the accumulation of data including metadata information such as history (e.g “nocturnal itch and contagion in scabies”)

Madagascar -discussion of the Teledermatology implementation with Derma2go. Simple usage without modifications until the end of the year. From January big data diagnostic flows (we have planned for 10000 cases to be submitted through this platform). We also plan to integrate this platform for the follow up of the curable and chronic skin conditions of the PASSION project.

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