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Newsletter week of November 21 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members: International -The RDTC annual meeting is taking place in January (13-15) and will adopt a virtual format. More information here: -Discussion with Dr Bagayoko and Faye about the PASSION project. We look forward to organizing a meeting when discussion on the Mali side and implement next practical steps. Madagascar - update on data collection -Workshop on the Teledermatology platform (Derma2go) -Welcome to Dr Mendrika Lulu: she will be in charge of -In view of the RDTC meeting, an abstract will be submitted for data collection in Madagascar and a presentation on the AI involved in the PASSION project. Indonesia -Workshop on the questionnaire + photography data collection system ( China Data update in the last two weeks : 1. New data in the first two weeks of operating room: a total of 65 sets; 2. New data of dermoscopy room in the first two weeks: a total of 80 sets. 3. Provincial new data of children: 76 sets. -Comment. At present, data sorting is still the main task. From December, Newsletter will be sent every 2 weeks. Join us on our Instagram page

Join us on our Instagram page

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