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Newsletter week of November 14 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members: International -Discussion with Professor Geissbuhler and Dr Perrin. Introduction to Professors Bagayoko and Faye with whom we’ll be discussing collaboration possibilities with the RAFT network in Mali. Madagascar - update on data collection -number of collected cases: between 600 and 700 prospective cases stored on local server (retrospective miscallaneous data of 2600 labelled pictures) -number of collectors: 10 dermatologists (2 outside of Antananarivo) -assessment of pictures will be done through -Transfer learning and GANs will be performed soon on existing and new data. China -The team in Changsha has performed the first run on the Chinese datasets. The report is available upon request. -The next step will be to run a second tests as well as to perform data augmentation techniques based on manually anonymised data on African skin.

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