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Newsletter week of December 7 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:

International -The project was presented last week in Guinea (World Skin Health Day) will be presented this week in Dubai, UAE (MEIDAM) and as a poster in Nagoya, Japan (JSID). -Discussion with Dr Traoré with evaluation and presentation of the environment and benefit to derive from participating in the project. A call is planned on December 18 to discuss further steps and practicalities.

Madagascar - update on data collection -Discussion of practicalities for 2021 completed. -Cases collected through the platform easy to use. -The team has offered its assistance to RDTC in the virtual conference organization.


-we would like to welcome the team from Mali into the project. We will be discussing further steps and practicalities.


-New data of operating rooms: 55 sets; New data of dermoscopy room: 59 sets in total. Provincial hospital of children: 66 sets. Join us on our Instagram page

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