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Newsletter week of August 8 2020

Dear all, Here is some news from team members:

Tanzania (Zanzibar):

-Clinical data collection in progress (Started Monday)

-A lot of patients use traditional medicine. (Aloe Vera, Honey…). It would be useful to document and add to the questionnaire.


-Discussion with I-DAIR: reshape objectives of the project for I-DAIR, study how different regulatory environments can be positive or an obstacle to Data Architectures and Data interoperability (DADI), creation of a robust Front-end data submission platform, Data storage in the country of origin. Define up to 5 (2-5) collaborating locations.

China (Changsha): -A total of 768 sets of data were sorted this week, and 768 sets of Su Da Fuer (the two hard disks sent back last were sorted).

-110 new cases were collected this week, including operating room cases, dermoscopy rooms 60 cases, and 50 children

-Quality control: 10 sets of quality control data will be randomly checked this week, of which 10 sets are qualified and 0 sets are unqualified, and have been modified. Up to now, 10 sets of qualified data and 0 sets of unqualified data.

Existing problems: 1) When multiple-choice questions are organized into a table, the numbers are separated by ","; 2)If some data lacks text information, they will be supplemented according to the picture later, and the basic information may require follow-up. Join us on our Instagram page

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