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Newsletter week of August 15 2020

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members: International 

-Welcome to our new partner on clinical decision support APP VisualDx. They will be supporting the PASSION project with a free subscription to team members of the project. Please contact for more information.

-Welcome to Dr Federica Dassoni from Italy, our advisor for tropical dermatology. She has extensive experience in NTDs in Africa and India.

-Discussion with Dr Myriam Kebe (Secretary of the Mauritanian Dermatology Association). Through the PASSION project and its extensions, we explored development of Teledermatology through the PASSION project in Mauritania.

Madagascar -Discussion on the data storage after data collection through the APP. The data will be stored in Madagascar. Tanzania (Zanzibar) -Clinical data collection in progress (started Monday) -A lot of patients use traditional medicine. (Aloe Vera, Honey…). It would be useful to document and add to the questionnaire. China (Changsha):

1. A total of 700 sets of data were sorted out this week. Last week, the team sorted out the data of Suda Annexe in the hard disk, which were basically incomplete data and lack of medical records.

2. This week, 80 new cases were collected, including 50 cases in the operating room, 0 cases in the dermal mirror room, and 30 cases of provincial children.)

3. Quality control: 10 sets of quality control data are randomly checked this week, among which 10 sets are qualified and 0 sets are not qualified, and have been modified. Up to now, there are 10 sets of qualified data and 0 sets of unqualified data. Problems: 1) When sorting out multiple choice questions in the table, the Numbers should be separated by ", "; 2/ For those lacking text information in part of the data, the basic information may need to be followed up according to the pictures.

4. Training of data by the technical team will begin next month. Join us on our Instagram page

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