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News week of 19 July 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Dear all,

Here is some news from team members:

China (Changsha)

-52 sets of complete data sorted and found 353 sets of incomplete data; -70 cases of new data were collected this week, including 0 cases in the operating room, 30 cases in the dermal mirror room and 40 cases in the provincial children; -So far, 108 sets of complete data have been found, and 441 sets of incomplete data have been found. The complete data include: 2 sets of MM, 9 sets of BCC, 3 sets of SCC, 17 sets of intradermal nevus, 21 sets of mixed nevus, 37 sets of boundary nevus, SK 19 sets, Bowen 1 set, AK 0 sets; Other data: 51 sets, the above data have been backed up! -Quality control: Most of the incomplete data are lack of questionnaire (medical history).

Tanzania (RDTC), China; Switzerland. -Conference in Dubai Dec 10-11 (postponed from September)[MEIDAM: -This physical dermatology conference is the only one of the year. -AI in Dermatology session confirmed: Weihong, Daudi; Alexander and Christophe have confirmed. -Let's cross our fingers! Join us on our Instagram page

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