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News - Week of June 1 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020


-Changsha: in the past 3 weeks, 120 sets of data have been collected at Hunan's Children Hospital (Multimodal: medical records, clinical, dermoscopy). Professor Chen Xiang organized and contacted, and Suzhou Children's Hospital currently collects multi-mode 600 sets of multi-modal data


-Zanzibar: recruitment and case gathering started with Dr Hafidh Hassan.


-Thousands of existing data is going to be used to train the initial models in association with the Madagascar Society of Dermatologists.


-Talks with further data collection points potential collaborators: Dr Garba Mahamadou from Togo, and Dr Ahogo Celestin from the Ivory Coast.

-Discussion of Teledermatology software for use by African team.

-Talks with I-DAIR for potential future geographical and disease scope scale up.

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