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News week of 26 July 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The RDTC clinical photography room. Thanks to the advice from discussing with our photography advisor (Dr Pasquali) about pictures on darker skin, the room is being repainted...stay tuned !

Dear all, Here is some news from team members:

International  -Discussion with Dr Messay Tesfaye MD, a pediatric dermatologist from Addis Ababa. Inclusion of potential scale up of medical data collection centre

Tanzania (RDTC): -in the process of renovating our photo room as we were advised by Paola especially the background colour. Photos of the current appearance of our photo room attached -questionnaire as per contents of the application. Though there could be some changes as we continue using it.

Tanzania (Zanzibar):

-Pilot project done: pictures stored on Hard drive and will print questionnaire

-Ethical approval obtained -Eid Mubarak (Happy Eid Al Adha) !

China (Changsha):

-Sorted out 21 sets of complete data this week, and found 579 sets of incomplete data; -120 new cases were collected this week, including 50 cases in the operating room, 30 cases in the dermal mirror room, and 40 cases in the provincial children (the provincial children were arranged by Xiaoya). -So far, 140 sets of complete data have been found, and 905 sets of incomplete data have been found. The complete data include: 3 sets of MM, 9 sets of BCC, 2 sets of SCC, 29 sets of intradermal nevus, 25 sets of mixed nevus, 48 sets of border nevus, SK 20 sets, Bowen 1 set, nIDus a 1 set, AK 0 sets; The above data has been backed up! -Quality control: 10 sets of quality control data are randomly checked this week, among which 10 sets are qualified and 0 sets are not qualified, and have been modified. Up to now, there are 10 sets of qualified data and 0 sets of unqualified data. Problems: 1) When sorting out multiple choice questions in the table, the Numbers should be separated by ", "; 2/ For those lacking text information in part of the data, the basic information may need to be followed up according to the pictures.

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