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News - Week of 12 July 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Dear all,

Discussion with I-DAIR about scale-up of project:

  • more skin phototypes

  • more dermatoses (e.g. Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis including genomics data flows, Neglected Tropical Diseases)

Here is some news from team members:

China (Changsha) 1. Collect about 40 sets of multi-modal data and 30 sets of incomplete data every week;

2. At present, 2000 sets of multi-modal data have been compiled, and about 200 sets are newly compiled every week;

3. Recently, the technical team is applying for a national-level project, and experiments can be started in August.

Tanzania (RDTC and Zanzibar)

-Presentation of dataflows to RDTC and Zanzibar teams by Philippe to explain the path from data collection (picture collection) to the development of research on anonymized data development of solutions using algorithms (machine learning) = an education material useful for doctors wishing to learn about AI. (engineer-to-doctor education).

-Plan to do a technical presentation at the RDTC annual meeting in January (alongside picture taking, and practical experiences.


-Discussion with Swiss TPH via Dr Rainer Tan: developing ePOCT+, a clinical decision support algorithm, for the management of sick children 0-15 years in LMIC. ePOCT+ will be evaluated in different cluster RCTs and longitudinal implementation studies in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Myanmar, India, and Senegal. They are looking to constitute a collection of 1 to 3 images per disease - in institutions can leave their individual logo. Please let me know if interested.

-Discussion with Atula Gupta from India: co-author of an article accepted for publication in JEADV about the usage of machine learning in the recognition of 40 skin disorders. Potential Technical / Medical coordination in India for liaising with technical teams and data collection points. Contacts with Dermacon/IADVL.

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