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Logo winner and News week of June 29 2020

Updated: Jul 5

Dear all, Thank you for voting for your favorite logo. 

-Here are the results:

15% of votes went to logo no: 1

55% of votes went to logo no: 2

10% of votes went each to logo no: 3, 4 or 5 Logo 2 is the winner of the vote and we will now work on the colors with the designer Here is some news from team members:

RDTC, Tanzania:

-Picture room setup and photography standards calibration exercise. When complete, these standards will be applied to all the clinical phases in the Kilimanjaro area.

-Conference at the RDTC in Tanzania, January 2021. AI session

-3 presentations are planned:

-clinical photography by Dr Paola Pasquali

-a technical presentation

-a presentation about the RDTC Tanzania and Madagascar experience (trio). One of the presenters will be Professor Fahafantsoa Rapelanoro Rabenja from Madagascar.

Spain (Dr Pasquali) -In a coming newsletter, will send a presentation on clinical photography of dermatological lesions China (Changsha) -Hired a new big data collector this week to speed up data acquisition. -Speeding up the sorting of previous pictures. -Dr He Xiaoyu shared experience on skin classifiers.


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