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Final Logo and News - Week of July 5 2020

Dear all, Below is the chosen logo: -Vote results: Option 2 received 47.5% of the votes, option 3-35 % and option 1-17.5%

The photos of the team members have been added on the website.

Here is some news from team members: China (Changsha) -Completion of the collection of more than 100 sets of multi-modal data, but data sorting is also a time-consuming work. It is very meaningful to recruit two big data collectors. The amount of data has increased significantly. -Sorting out some non-multimodal data in the early stage. Tunisia -Professor Nejib Doss from Tunisia is joining our team. He has got extensive experience in clinical photgraphy an extensive network in the Arab world (MENA). He will be contributing to content in Arabic, weekly clinical quizzes as well as facilitating scale up of the project. Switzerland -Discussion with Dr Dayrit Castro from the Philippines. Potential in the scale up of the project with regards to data collection centers including the 11 dermatology training centers in the country in association with the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) Join us on our Instagram page

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